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Hi, I’m Stephen.

I’m a qualified ACCA accountant and I’m currently working towards a Master's Degree in Computer Science in DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology). In fact, this website was created as part of a Web and User Interface Design module for the Master's. Disclaimer: I’ve used all my own HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, which means no drag and drop type software programs like WordPress or environments like Squarespace to assist!!

“Things have a way of working themselves out”.
For me, this sentiment has manifested itself in quite a pronounced way as of late. I finished secondary school in 2004 and pursued a BSc in Computer Science in DIT. After I completed first year, I got distracted (read: moved to Sweden for a girl) and by the time I moved back home a year later, it was time to become a grown up and get a job. So education took a back seat.

Fast forward 13 years and I find myself back in DIT, yet again studying Computer Science. I guess – at the risk of sounding cliché – “what’s for you won’t pass you by”.

In the meantime, I’ve qualified as an accountant through the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), travelled some more, had a career as a professional gamer (short clip of me in action below!) and like most people, made lots of mistakes and learned from them.

I have a keen interest in programming. It satisfies my love for problem solving while keeping me challenged with never ending new developments and languages to learn. I’d like to think that I don’t fit the mould of a stereotypical accountant or developer in that I have an abundance of technical ability alongside the social skills needed to engage with interested parties. Many seem to have one or the other!

I’m particularly interested in automation of manual tasks, process improvement, process re-engineering and innovative solutions, preferably in a consultation type role.

The dream for me would be to somehow combine the skills I've attained through Accountancy and Computer Science in order to maximise the benefit of attaining both qualifications.