I’m currently working in Capita Life and Pensions, where I’ve been since January 2009 – apart from a brief 5 month hiatus in Symantec in 2016. Capita is a FTSE 250 company which outsources in a large array of sectors including insurance, banking, life and pensions, telecoms, utilities etc. You can read more about Capita here.

I first started in Capita in a Customer Service Support role, which, without sugarcoating it, is basically a post room worker. While working in this role, I started studying part time to be an Accountant and as a result of this, coupled with my brief stint in Computer Science, I was able to convince the company to give me a shot at being a Management Information Analyst. This role involved compiling and sending many regularly scheduled reports but it also allowed me to start coding again in VBA and SQL. I automated a lot of the reports and began to build large Microsoft Access databases from scratch in order to streamline and secure business processes.

When I was nearing the end of my Accounting qualification, I decided it was time to start using my Accountancy skills on a day to day basis and successfully applied for an internal Finance Analyst role. This is practically the same role I’m in today, although it has evolved a lot from the original job spec! It’s a project role and I’m tasked with analysing, estimating and implementing any fundamental changes inflicted on the business e.g. a new product, particularly in relation to the financial teams. As I have a keen interest in programming and coding, I’ve been granted a lot of autonomy to explore automation of manual tasks in the business and develop process improvements. These improvements usually involve VBA, SQL and HTML but I’m hoping to integrate Python, Java and .NET in the not so distant future. I also carry out extensive data analysis projects and I’m the go-to-guy in the company for Microsoft Office applications and backend SQL queries.

Before Capita, I worked in various data entry and accounts administration type roles in Bank of Ireland head office, Paddy Power head office and MAN Investments. These hardly seem relevant anymore given the fact that I’ve been in Capita since 2009!